Topaz and the Evil Wizard
is an adventurous mystery about the missing Fairy and Elf children of Knownotten Kingdom

"After a long restless night of too little sleep the dawn finally came. The young Fairy girl, Orange Blossom awoke to find she'd forgotten to take off her dress. She ran to Thistle's room. She didn't really expect to find him there. Nevertheless, it didn't help to soften the disappointment she felt at seeing his bed had not been slept in. Their parents were out of town, and she wasn't sure what she should do. Staying out all night wasn't something her brother had ever done before".
Fairy and Elf children have been disappearing from the peaceful kingdom of Knownotten. Inhabitants of the kingdom are frightened and worried. There are rumors that the Wizard of Scarford has returned, and that he is stealing their children.

Topaz, the Yellow Conjure Cat doesn't trust the rumors.

How could that be when the wizard has been under the Spell of Darkness for nearly 300 years.

Nevertheless, he begins his search for the missing Fairy and Elf children with the only clue he has.
He must find the wizard's tomb in the Scarford Mountains to prove the wizard could not be responsible. If the tomb is sealed then he will know something or someone else is stealing the children. But, if the tomb is open…

Topaz is joined by others who want to help him find the answers, and nothing is what it seems.

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